The IT Job Market Is at Its Peak: US Companies Want to Hire Remote Developers

Kedar Kanekar
27 Feb 20244 mins read
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Enterprise Technology Research (ETR)  a community of IT decision-makers and professionals, recently released its quarterly research report, Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS). 1200 IT executives and decision-makers undertook TSIS. Out of these 1200 respondents, 77 percent of respondents come from the United States IT sector.

The TSIS report predicted a 5.5 percent growth in IT spending for 2022. 

Are IT specialists in demand in the job market? 

The demand for IT professionals is at its peak in the job market. As per TSIS, the hiring demand for IT workers has grown at an unprecedented rate. The data from ETR’s TSIS report tallies with the US Bureau of Labour statistics.

According to CompTIA, more than 115,000 job postings are available, exclusively for software developers and IT engineers. In December 2021, 3.7 million IT positions were available across the US job market. As of now, there are more than 3.85 million IT jobs in the United States.

Data for remote employment within the IT job market 

The existing numbers for growth in the IT sector can be attributed to the shift to remote work. As per the TSIS report, 42 percent of IT employees work full-time remotely, and 31 percent of IT employees are switching between remote work and office work. Twenty-seven percent of IT employees are back in the office and are working on-site on a full-time basis. 

According to the TSIS report, the IT sector in the US will experience a 13 percent growth in employment, from 2020 to 2030. During the same period, companies will hire for more than 667,600 jobs in the IT industry across the United States. The report further added that most of these jobs would be remote, as organizations are better prepared for the WFH employment model. 

Statistical data from major surveys

As per the Business Response Survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 52.2 percent of employees in the IT sector were full-time remote employees, and 15.8 percent worked in a hybrid model. In total, 68 percent of professionals were involved in remote work across the IT industries in the US.

According to, around 1.14 million people were employed across the IT sector in 2021. Sectors like cloud computing, big data storage and collection, and information security technologies, resulted in a large demand for IT professionals. 

According to Janco Associates, 213,000 jobs were added to the IT sector in 2021. But the current pace of employment will surpass the rate observed in 2021. More than 17,000 jobs were created in April 2022 alone. The past three months indicated the addition of more than 43,200 jobs in the IT sector.

The IT job market is evolving: How can you hire remote developers? 

Due to the pandemic, the IT sector increased remote work up to 58.9 percent. The IT sector employs almost 2 percent of the US workforce. With such an increase in the remote work for IT professionals, infrastructure for enhancing network capabilities and cybersecurity measures needs improvement.

With such a huge surge in the demand for IT professionals, CIOs, CTOs, and hiring managers are struggling to hire skilled software developers. Turing can help you hire remote IT employees for your company. 

As a hiring manager, you need to decide if you should hire in-house IT professionals, or outsource them. Read this detailed blog to make an informed decision, about hiring in-house or remote IT employees. Consider if you wish to outsource IT workers, and software developers. 

For more information on hiring remote IT professionals, visit the Hire Developers page.


1. Will hiring in IT sector increase in 2022?

Yes. As per the current statistical data, the trends indicate that hiring will reach an all-time high in 2022, across the IT industry. Within a month from February to March 2022, more than 12,000 jobs were added to the IT sector. More than 17,000 IT jobs were added in April 2022.

2. Can I work remotely for a US company? helps anyone that has 3 or more years of experience as a software developer or an IT professional, to work remotely for a US company. Sign up at, complete the tests, and start working remotely at some of the top companies in the US.

3. Which is the best IT job in 2022?

Some of the highest paying IT jobs in 2022 are Full Stack Developer, Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer, Blockchain Developer, DevOps Engineer, etc. IoT Developers, AI and ML Engineers, and IT Product Managers are also included in some of the best IT jobs in 2022.

Kedar Kanekar

Kedar is a skilled technical content writer and a social media marketer. He has worked with Apollo Hospitals, upGrad, Lumina Datamatics, and other companies.

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