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Client Diaries: Here’s Why Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping Chose Turing to Hire Developers

By November 29, 2022 4 min read

In this blog post, Lindsey Anderson, Business Manager at Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping, talks about her experience with Turing’s services and Turing developers. She also shares insights on remote hiring and the most rewarding experience of working with Turing.  

What does Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping do?

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping is a tech-forward, cloud accounting firm for startups with operations in the US. With a vision to make the taxation and bookkeeping process easier, smoother, and streamlined, the company helps businesses by guiding them through their accounting and tax compliances.

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping offers myriad services that help startup owners prepare, review, and audit their financial transactions. Packed with years of domain expertise and experience, the company provides streamlined and comprehensible accounting of finances and assists businesses in building robust tax mitigation strategies. 

What challenges were Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping facing before Turing?

The accounting firm struggled to find the right talent for its complex business needs. “We were having a real issue with Salesforce. We took it onboard as our CRM partner, but we needed it to do something more,” says Anderson, Business Manager of Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping. 

“However, we soon discovered that our needs were too complex. And so, the developer team we had then was unable to deliver on the objectives we wanted to achieve,” she adds.

Major challenges at a glance

  • Complex needs and issues with Salesforce customization
  • The existing developer team failed to deliver the requirements
  • Unable to find proactive developers who understood the big picture

“When we were looking for developers, we wanted someone who would understand our business. We wanted someone who wouldn’t just take orders but look at the big picture as a whole. In other words, we wanted a developer who understood our system instead of just doing ‘fix-it tickets’ or ‘tech help tickets.’ We weren’t getting what we wanted until we found Turing,” explains Aderson. 

How did Turing help Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping overcome its challenges?

Here are the three steps Turing took to help Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping overcome its challenges…

The firm found perfect, long-term matches for their requirements. 

With a global pool of 3M+ skilled and vetted developers, Turing’s Intelligent Talent enabled Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping to find a perfect match for their job. 

Anderson, the business manager of Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping, says, “Once we listed our requirements, such as the type of developer, skillset, experience level, and budget, we were surprised about how many candidates there were for those specific requirements.”

In addition to the Salesforce project, the firm also wanted to hire developers to work on their long-term projects. Anderson explains: “Even though we were hiring someone for a specific project, we were looking for someone who could work on long-term projects as well. When we were going to be finished with our Salesforce task and getting that where we wanted to be, we wanted to retain somebody who could help us with everything else we wanted to achieve in terms of our tech stack.”

“And Turing helped them achieve just that. Clever Tax & Bookkeeping hired two developers from two different countries with two different levels of experience. Not only did these developers help them reach their goals, but they also exceeded expectations,” says Lindsey.

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Turing handles hiring, onboarding, training, managing, and payroll. 

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping wanted to bring their development in-house but needed help figuring out how to proceed. And so Turing provided them with 360° support throughout the entire process. 

“I was amazed at how easy and quick the whole thing was. After we contacted Turing, we had one week of solid interviews. We chose our candidates almost immediately. I like that Turing was a part of the interview process. We had a second set of eyes, and we discussed feedback right after the interview rather than having to do these lengthy write-ups or fill out forms. Once we selected the developers, Turing quickly set up interviews and assisted us in further steps. The entire process was super efficient,” adds Anderson. 

“Once we hired the developers, Turing was a part of all the onboarding calls. The onboarding process was great,” she continues. Next was training. Throughout the training segment, Turing solicited daily feedback from the company. This feedback highlighted how the developers were progressing day after day and week after week. 

“With Turing, finding the right candidates is as easy as doing a Google search. Turing takes care of the hiring, matching, managing, scheduling, billing, payroll, and all other time-consuming tasks. Turing handles all that paperwork and payments. So, I think these are the primary benefits beyond finding amazingly talented developers,” continues Anderson.

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A two-week risk-free trial that makes hiring easier than ever before

Unlike other talent providers, Turing provides a two-week risk-free trial to all companies. If you don’t like the developer you’ve hired, you pay nothing. 

“We were fascinated by the two-week risk-free trial Turing offered. This trial really showed that Turing was committed to helping us find the right person for the right role. And that’s part of our management philosophy in the entrepreneurial operating system. We focus on finding the right person for the right role. And so, we loved that commitment from Turing,” Anderson says.

“At the end of 2 weeks, there was no doubt that we were hiring these candidates for good. We really had chosen the right people, and I think that’s due to Turing’s process.,” she adds.

Bottom line

Turing is also much faster than traditional hiring methods. From sourcing and matching to vetting and onboarding, Turing.com has helped 400+ Fortune 500 companies and fast-scaling startups in their remote hiring journey. Wish to join the list of 400+ fast-scaling startups and Fortune 500 companies that have trusted Turing developers? 

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Why Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping Prefer Turing to Hire Developers
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Why Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping Prefer Turing to Hire Developers
“Hiring developers with Turing is as easy as doing a Google search. Turing takes care of everything for you,” says Anderson, Business Manager at Cleer Tax &...
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