The Benefits of Remote Teams for Building Software

Jayalakshmi Iyer
28 Feb 20244 mins read
Leadership and productivity
Talent onboarding and operations

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Leadership and productivity
Talent onboarding and operations

Finding talented and experienced software developers is an evergreen challenge. Companies spend a significant amount of time, effort, and capital to build and manage a software development team that’ll help them stay on top. However, remote work has completely changed the way businesses function.

With the right tools at your fingertips, sourcing talent isn’t limited to 20 miles from your office. With remote work becoming a norm, HR professionals can focus on global talent rather than hiring locally.

There are several benefits of building remote software teams with developers from all over the world. This post highlights the key differences between building a local team vs. a remote workforce for developing software.

Benefits of remote work: Cost

The primary reason why businesses prefer remote work is lower business expenses. When you employ elite developers, especially in the US, you need to have a massive budget. 

Apart from these premium prices, you also need to cover overhead expenses like real estate, office supplies, electricity bills, and more.

On the other hand, if you’re a US-based company looking to hire remote engineers from developing countries in regions like South Asia and Latin America, you can save a lot of money. 

You’ll realize these savings because the cost of living in developing countries is significantly lower than in Silicon Valley or New York City. 

Remote work allows you to hire experienced software developers for a lower price and still ensure you’ll pay your employees much more than their average market rate.

Benefits of remote work: Talent

The recruiters’ average fees have increased significantly. Why? 

Simply because finding local and trained developers has become extremely difficult, especially if you’re on a budget. Local engineers have the power to pick and choose where they’ll work. 

Therefore, it’s wiser to hire globally instead of paying a significant amount of money to mediocre local developers.

Remote hiring gives you access to a broader pool of talented developers at an international level. You can build a remote software team solely based on talent and break free of several other limitations you may come across while hiring locally.

Want to hire remote development team? Try Turing Teams. Turing allows you to hire pre-vetted software developers at unbeatable prices in 3-5 days.

Besides cost and talent, there are several other benefits of remote work like increased productivity, improved employee loyalty, increased employee retention rate, a diverse team, and more. 

Remote work allows employees to set their schedules. This flexibility means they can use their most productive hours to finish their tasks efficiently, whether they work at three in the morning or two in the afternoon. 

Furthermore, remote work shows your employees that you trust them to do their job without constant supervision. This trust increases their loyalty towards the organization and ensures they stick around for a long time. 

Conclusion: Can your business grow with a remote team?

Remote work entails trusting your developers working thousands of miles away in a different time zone to do their job. 

Companies like Twitter and Facebook are leading the remote work revolution by allowing employees the freedom to work from home permanently.

However, building an offshore software development team isn’t like outsourcing. You hire freelancers to work on small projects; instead, building remotely distributed teams involves hiring experienced full-time professionals who can join your in-house team.

Creating a qualified management team that focuses on sourcing and recruiting remote developers is a difficult task.

With such issues, scaling your business with a remote workforce can be a cause of concern.

However, with the right partner, hiring remote developers can be a smooth process. Making the process easy is where Turing comes into the picture. 

Turing’s tried-and-tested vetting process ensures that you can have your pick of qualified software developers.

You’ll have access to a talent pool of the top 1% of 1M+ talented and experienced developers with strong technical and communication skills who can work according to your requirements. There’s no risk. Turing offers a free two-week trial during which you can ensure that the software developers deliver to your standards. For more information, visit Turing’s Hire page.

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Jayalakshmi Iyer

Jaya is a copywriter & content writer & has worked for businesses in over 27 different niches. When she’s not writing, she can be found obsessing over a book.

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