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Android 12: What’s New? Major Updates Explained!

By March 10, 2022 2 min read

In a recent interview, Osai, a software developer at, shared an in-depth analysis of Android 12. The latest update, also known as Snow Cone, comes with several intuitive features. The new release offers features that deliver an even more personalized, secure, and effortless experience to the users compared to the earlier versions. Here are a few points about Android 12 best features that Osai shared in the interview.

Android 12 Best Features: Material You

Android 12 introduces Material You, a new design language that allows users to create personalized and dynamic apps.

Android 12 Best Features: Private Compute Core

Android 12 introduces Private Compute Core, a secure mobile environment isolated from the rest of the operating system and applications.

Android 12 Best Features: AppSearch

AppSearch is now available as a system service in Android 12. This feature is a high-performance on-device search engine that enables applications to index structured data and search it using built-in full-text search.

Android 12 Best Features: Widgets improvements

The existing widgets API in Android 12 improves the user and developer experience in the platform and launchers. The developers at Android have also created a guide that will help you ensure that your widget is compatible with Android 12 and a reference for APIs for refreshing your existing widget. 

6 Android 12 best features

Android 12: Widgets improvement

For instance, a widget can use the device theme colors for buttons, backgrounds, and other components starting from this version, including light and dark themes. This feature will help in enabling smoother transitions and consistency across different widgets.

Android 12 Best Features: Enhancements for animation and New API

All apps now have a new app launch animation that includes an into-app motion from the point of launch, a splash screen with the app icon, and a transition to the app itself in Android 12.

Android 12 adds a new unified API that allows your app to consume rich content from any available source, including the clipboard, keyboard, and drag-and-drop. The new release also introduced rounded corner APIs, which are RoundedCorner and WindowInsets.getRoundedCorner(int position). These APIs provide the radius and center point for rounded corners.

Final verdict

Android users can expect even more sophisticated features from this operating system in the coming years, like enhanced security and performance.

Owing to the massive popularity of the operating system, Android developers are in high demand worldwide. 

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Android 12 Best Features: What's New? Updates Explained!
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Android 12 Best Features: What's New? Updates Explained!
In this post, Osai, a Turing developer, talks about Android 12 best features, and how the update delivers a personalized and secure experience to the users.

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