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What Business Opportunities Can 5G Open Up Across Sectors?

By October 31, 2022 4 min read

What is 5G? How does 5G work? What are the benefits of 5G? What 5G business opportunities can come soon? How can 5G help with sports broadcasting? How can 5G help with indoor farming? How can 5G help improve communication?

This blog post will help you answer all these questions. 

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth iteration of cellular technology. It is engineered to greatly increase the responsiveness and speed of wireless networks. 5G transmits a high amount of data over networks with advanced antenna technology and more bandwidth. 5G speeds can reach as high as 20 gigabits per second and offer latency below five milliseconds. 

Benefits of 5G

5G can transmit high speed signals among other benefits.

How does 5G work?

Wireless networks consist of composed cell sites with a multitude of antennas and electronic equipment. 5G relies on the millimeter wave spectrum, which is between 30 and 300 gigahertz. 5G transmits high-speed signals through small cell stations and closely connected 5G antennas located on roofs or light poles. 

Benefits of 5G 

Organizations can use 5G to improve customer experiences and increase employee productivity. By combining 5G with IoT, IT companies can build fast, easy-to-integrate data systems to process and collect data, improve application response time and reduce latency. Here are a few more benefits…

  1. Greater transmission speed

    One of the major benefits of 5G is greater transmission speed which allows you to access files, programs, and applications quickly. As the internet speed increases, 5G enables mobiles, computers, and other electronic devices to rely less on internal memory and more on the cloud.
  2. Lower Latency

    Latency refers to the time that passes between an order and the execution of the corresponding action. The latency in 5G is ten times lesser than in 4G. Due to lower latency, 5G offers better execution of remote actions in real-time, better logistics control, and advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), among others.
  3. Better connectivity

    The transmission of data is set to take place at an unprecedented rate in large industrial plants and smart cities. To facilitate such data transmission, organizations will require a large number of connected devices. 5G can support such bandwidth and provide strong connectivity of a million devices per square kilometer.
  4. Network slicing

    Network slicing allows organizations to access virtual and independent networks as per specific needs. The sliced network is separated logically and hosted on top of a shared infrastructure.

    Each sliced network serves a definite business purpose and configures all the required network resources connected end-to-end. A sliced network offers dedicated radio, transport, and core resources to each tenant. 

5G business opportunities and use cases across sectors

  1. Autonomous vehicles

    5G will enable vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-everything communication. With vehicle-to-vehicle communication, two cars approaching each other from opposite directions can let the driver or passenger know the time of crossing.

    With vehicle-to-everything communication, cars will be able to communicate with traffic management systems, pedestrians, and other nearby objects. Also, cars will be able to sense hazards in advance and operate as per the situation.
  2. Crowd management

    5G ultra wideband solutions and mobile edge computing, are powering new crowd management systems. Such systems will provide real-time updates about crowd density, waiting time at gates, and restroom and stadium occupancy, among others.
  3. Drones

    5G business opportunities for drone deployment are enormous as 5G will reduce the time taken to get data on the servers. With most businesses using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, 5G drones can quickly gather data and load it directly into the cloud.

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    5G offers ultra-low latency that will increase the surveillance rate of drones and improve live monitoring. Also, drones can receive commands from a ground control system instead of less reliable point-to-point links.
  4. Agriculture

    With the help of 5G sensors, farmers will be able to collate real-time data, monitor climate, track vehicles and livestock, check plant health, monitor seed genetics, compare historical yields and control the water supply. Also, 5G sensors can check soil properties and chart out the ideal plan for sowing and harvesting different crops.

    5G enables precision agriculture by analyzing data collected from various sources using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help farmers sell the right quantity at the right price. Additionally, 5G-powered drones can cover large fields to spray insecticides and pesticides.
  5. Construction

    5G’s high bandwidth and low latency help automate construction tasks using robots and remote-controlled machines. Construction automation ensures less risk and less manual labor for workers.

    High data transmission using 5G improves collaboration between different teams working on large construction projects. Teams can create 3D construction models, transfer blueprints, and share other documentation to complete projects quickly.


5G offers higher spectral efficiency, ultra-reliable and low latency signals, and newer network architecture. Increased connectivity with 5G can help organizations open new revenue streams and offer better products and services to customers and other businesses. 

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  1. How can 5G help with sports broadcasting?

    5G-enabled cameras can capture a wide range of sports fields and send the footage to a central hub for effective sports broadcasting. 

  2. How can 5G help with indoor farming?

    5G-enabled technologies like image and sensor data pipelines, environment control systems, and real-time product monitoring can help keep production at optimum levels and keep stock fresh.

  3. How can 5G help improve communication?

    5G phone will enable holographic video calls wherein the avatar of the person we are talking to becomes visible.

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Top 5 Upcoming 5G Business Opportunities
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Top 5 Upcoming 5G Business Opportunities
Top 5G business opportunities 1. Autonomous vehicles 2. Crowd management solutions 3. Drone deployment 4. Agricultural solutions 5. Automating construction


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