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10 Amazing Virtual Team Building Games for Remote and Hybrid Teams

By August 5, 2022 5 min read

What is the #1 virtual team building activity you use? How can I have fun with my team remotely? How do you have a fun virtual team meeting? What are some virtual team building activities?

Looking for answers to these questions? Keep reading. 

Although remote and hybrid work models are effective, they have their own challenges. Keeping your employees motivated and nurturing a healthy team bond are some of them.  

Thankfully, a range of hybrid and remote team games can help overcome these challenges. These games can be used to liven up meetings and increase employee engagement.

10 virtual team building games for remote or hybrid teams

  1. Kahoot team trivia

    You can create a unique team trivia experience with Kahoot. Long-lasting challenges, team-building activities, and leaderboard expansion are possible with Kahoot. 

    You can keep employees interested over extended periods by giving them long-term missions. Additionally, the Kahoot bot motivates coworkers to collaborate with simple encouragement messages. 

    Kahoot is simple to integrate into any virtual team meeting, thanks to many available plug-ins.
  2. Virtual escape room

    Popular among remote workers, the virtual escape room is a great virtual team building game. The pinnacle of virtual team building is when employers encourage workers to cooperate and work together to succeed. 

    Your team will work together on Zoom while playing virtual escape room. A game guide will stream live from the escape room. While gaming, players will have to keep track of clues and items they find along the way using their inventory section. Players can also explore 360° images of the room using their interactive online dashboard.
  3. Virtual scavenger hunt

    A scavenger hunt is a  quick-paced, highly participative virtual team building activity. Scavenger hunts are also quite easy to organize. First, choose a theme, such as music, space, or the 1980s. If you want to increase interaction, you can also pick themes like Halloween or Christmas. 

    Once all of your employees have joined the event, start firing off your list of objects and hints. Participants must pose for the camera or send a photo of an item from the list they find around their home to receive points. 

    Once every hint has been used, the facilitators tally the points or conduct a poll to announce the winners.
  4. Pancakes vs. Waffles

    A simple, entertaining game called Pancakes vs. Waffles will make even the most serious senior executives giggle. In this game, players have to think creatively while competing against one another. 

    In Pancakes vs. Waffles: a discussion topic is initially announced by the moderator. As the game’s name implies, an obvious place to start is the pancakes vs waffles debate. Later, there must be a change in one of the items. 

    The facilitator encourages team members to take turns to present well-reasoned arguments for the silliest issues, producing humorous results.

    After the first round, the winners will suggest a new topic. For instance, if the advocates of pancakes won, they could start a discussion on love vs Netflix, coffee vs music, or dating vs fishing.

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  5. Two truths and one lie

    Two truths and one lie is an infamous game among school and college students. However, you can also use it as a virtual team building game. 

    This game can enable workers to discover the wackiest and most unusual things about one another or perhaps find that they have something in common that they would not have discovered otherwise. The guidelines state that each employee must tell two truths and one lie.

    For example, 1. I have two dogs and one crocodile. 2. I grew up on a farm. 3. When I was a college student, I hacked into my principal’s computer. 

    Participants are tasked with determining which of the two statements are true and which is untrue. This game is one of the simplest solutions for virtual team building because all you need is good internet connectivity.
  6. Virtual Bingo

    Virtual Bingo can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from Gen-Zs to Baby Boomers, making it an excellent virtual team building game. 

    You can choose a theme or create a unique, inside joke-filled bingo game for your business. Use a virtual bingo platform online or create one yourself using a bingo template builder. 

    Visit or to access pre-built game templates and cards.  
  7. Virtual Pictionary

    Drawing is a fantastic icebreaker that can highlight the creativity of your workers and their sense of humor. 

    Plan a virtual introduction session and play drawing games on a website like Drawsize or Scribbl. Another simple way to create your own drawing game is to nominate a facilitator and ask staff members questions for which they must draw the solutions. 

    For example, your staff would have to depict themselves as mythological creatures with unique powers to respond to the question – If you were a mythical creature, what would your powers be?
  8. Virtual Charades

    Charades have been a favorite pastime for ages for a reason: it allows players to venture outside of their normal selves while enjoying friendly rivalry. 

    Virtual Charades can help your employees build stronger ties while allowing them to see a completely new aspect of one another in the remote setup. 

    A remote team can use Zoom’s spotlight feature to enjoy this game. Divide people into teams, choose a topic or phrase from a charades concept generator and have them act it out. Allow each team one or two minutes to make their predictions. 

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  9. Time Traveler

    This online team building game is a great option for exercising the imagination. 

    In this game, each team member describes a time period, historical era, or social movement they would most like to visit if time travel were possible by video chat. Anything is acceptable, from the Renaissance to the Stone Age, from pirates to Shakespearean actors. 

    Endless discussions can carry on, depending on the subject and conversation. Visit the fun empire for game topics and point count.
  10. Multiplayer board games 

    Whatever your opinion of video games, there is no denying that multiplayer gaming fosters camaraderie and strong relationships. Players develop creative and strategic thinking while involved in the game, which are equally valuable traits for the workplace. 

    Catan and Dominion are two well-known multiplayer video games, along with digitalized board games like Monopoly and Scrabble that you can play online using plugins. You can also purchase gaming packages from websites like Jackbox Games and Tabletopia.

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Bottom line

Virtual team-building activities can range from quick in-office activities to complex full-day gaming marathons. But, whichever activity you choose, team building will take time. So, don’t rush yourself and your employees.

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  1. What makes an activity great for hybrid teams? 
    Any activity that enables team members to have a good time and feel more productive and motivated is great for hybrid teams.

  2. What are the benefits of planning a hybrid team-building activity? 
    Better communication, productivity, employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction are all advantages of organizing a hybrid team-building exercise. 

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10 Virtual Team Building Games for Remote and Hybrid Teams
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10 Virtual Team Building Games for Remote and Hybrid Teams
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