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With over 3 million engineers, Turing uses AI to help businesses
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1000+ companies have trusted Turing for their custom engineering and on-demand talent.


Enhance your LLM reasoning and coding capabilities

Use our experience in generating high-quality, proprietary human data for SFT, RLHF, and DPO for top foundation LLM companies to accelerate your reasoning, problem solving, coding, and other higher level cognitive capabilities.

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Hire faster with the world's most deeply vetted developers and teams, matched by AI

Quickly and efficiently build your engineering team with our
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Turing Custom Engineering Services

Implement faster with custom software engineering

Use our unique combination of expert consultants,
engineering talent, and AI-accelerated delivery for faster
project completion.

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Get AI-matched to high-paying U.S. tech jobs

Once you pass our vetting process, you’ll enjoy
opportunities with top clients who need your expert

Our global reach and AI help you build faster

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We take your specific requirements

  • Project scope
  • Roles
  • Tech stacks
  • Seniority levels
  • Time zone overlap
And use our global developer platform to handle
  • Global Sourcing
  • Intelligent Vetting
  • Extensive Matching
  • Payments Compliance
  • Automated On-The-Job Quality Control
Turing Developers
For an ideal project team that builds faster
  • Full time
  • AI-accelerated delivery
  • AI-powered development workflow

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95% trial success rate

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3 million+ developers
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