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Revolutionize your security approach with Turing Zero Trust Security Services and stay safe from business-critical vulnerabilities. Zero trust security solutions help businesses ensure maximum safety in today’s IT workload environments, global workforce distribution, digital and cloud adoption, and the consequent regulatory mandates.

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At Turing, we understand the importance of data security and IT asset access. That’s why, we offer the best zero trust solutions to enforce a flawless zero trust architecture supported by thorough governance across devices, identities, networks, data, and applications.
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Our zero trust security service offerings

Identity and Access Management

As one of the leading zero trust vendors today, Turing incorporates a comprehensive security approach through robust identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Our IAM services are designed to help businesses establish robust user authentication and access controls to enforce managed access, ensuring only authorized users can access IT assets, including cloud systems and company data.

Our team of experts comes with extensive experience in building customized IAM solutions for complete risk mitigation and maximum cybersecurity resilience. We work closely with our clients to understand their business architecture and provide holistic digital identity solutions that incorporate rightful access to business-critical data and systems across their organization.

Turing Identity and Access Management Services include:

  • Deep assessment of the current authentication and access control mechanisms to identify potential system vulnerabilities and develop a customized IAM strategy
  • Deploying multiple IAM technologies depending on business priorities, including multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and access control technologies like role-based access control (RBAC), privileged access management (PAM), and attribute-based access control ABAC)
  • Expert-led monitoring and support of IAM systems to determine potential threats and implement regular updates as and when required

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zero trust security refers to a security framework where an organization authenticates, authorizes, and continuously validates users, both outside and inside it, for security configuration before granting them access or letting them keep access to business data and applications.

Zero trust security assumes that a traditional network edge doesn’t exist, meaning business networks can exist locally, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments with workers and resources located anywhere. Hence, it combines advanced technologies like identity protection, endpoint security, multi-factor authentication, etc., to verify systems or users’ identities, grant access, and maintain system security.

Zero trust security solutions are better suited to modern IT environments than traditional data security approaches. With various devices and users accessing data stored both inside and outside business networks, it’s necessary to assume ‘zero trust’, meaning that no device or user is trustworthy, to enforce maximum security protocols.

The biggest advantage of implementing zero trust security is the ability to decrease your business’s attack surface. Plus, zero trust security reduces the damage inflicted by reducing the breach of an attack to a singular, minimal area through micro-segmentation, which also reduces recovery costs.

There are a few key steps to implementing zero trust security in your organization. These include defining attack surfaces by highlighting the areas you must protect, such as physical assets, sensitive data, corporate services, and business-critical applications.

Next, you must implement controls for your network traffic and carefully strategize where to position them, ensuring that traffic flows through your network safely. Once done, you can architect your zero trust network based on your specific protected surfaces, which can include multi-factor authentication, next-generation firewall (NGFW), and other appropriate security measures.

After architecting your network, you must establish zero trust policies by asking what, who, where, when, how, and why of the data access for every device, network, and user that wants access.

Once your zero trust security policies are enforced, you need to monitor your business networks to identify potential threats sooner and obtain key insights into network performance. These include monitoring through analytics, logs, and reports to have an in-depth understanding of how your network is performing and how it can be optimized.

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) is the primary technology that enables organizations to incorporate a zero trust security model into their structures. Apart from this, the security model would need micro-segmentation, IAM, NAC (network access control), encryptions, SASE (secure access service edge), and behavior analytics to be thoroughly integrated into a business structure.

Turing provides industry-leading zero trust security services that offer customized, comprehensive solutions to help businesses enjoy maximum data and network security. Our zero trust security solutions are designed to fulfill your specific business requirements, offering services like IAM, data security automation and analytics, data protection, network security, and more.

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