5 Pasos para una exitosa carrera de ingeniería remota

Lograr su sueño de una carrera remota puede ser difícil, especialmente una con empresas top de estados unidos, pero con esta breve guía estarás camino al éxito.

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What is Turing?

by Turing Support Updated 3 months ago

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What does Turing do? How can Turing help me build a strong career?

Who are the founders of Turing? Turing is on a mission to unleash the world’s untapped human potential by bridging the gap between the software engineering talent that exists around the world and the amazing opportunities at leading companies across Silicon Valley and the U.S.

In today’s remote-first world, it can be hard for software developers to get noticed among a planetary pool of talent. That's where Turing steps in to help build your dream engineering career, powered by AI.

What does Turing do? Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud uses AI to connect the world’s best software developers to high-quality U.S. jobs. Using AI-powered deep vetting and job matching techniques, Turing vets the world’s most skilled developers with great technical, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills and helps them build dream careers with leading U.S. companies including Fortune 500 companies, unicorns,and fast-scaling start-ups.

How can Turing help me build a strong career? Turing also goes beyond helping developers find jobs. In the mission to be your long-term career partner,Turing supports developers through their software engineering journey. Once matched, Turing helps developers navigate through their careers with:

Lifelong matching to high-quality U.S. jobs Personalized career mentoring 24/7 support from our HR & developer success team Regular and secure payments Access to a career-centric developer community

Who are the founders of Turing? Turing’s executive team and investors come from leading Silicon Valley tech companies. Founders, Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan created Turing.com to help tech companies across Silicon Valley and the U.S. leverage globally distributed teams for software development at scale. Currently, Turing is valued at over a billion dollars in the market, making it one of the fastest growing unicorns on the planet.

Turing is also backed by well-known investors like:

Adam D'Angelo (Facebook's first CTO & CEO at Quora) WestBridge Capital Foundation Capital (backers of Netflix & Uber) Founders Fund Beerud Sheth (the founder of Upwork) AltaIR Capital HR Tech Investments LLC (an affiliate of Indeed), Brainstorm Ventures Frontier Ventures Modern Venture Partners Plug and Play Scale Fund Executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon,Twitter, Microsoft and others.

by Turing Support

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AI-powered job search engine On Turing, jobs come to you

While it's easy to mistake Turing for a freelancing service, it’s very far from being identical. Unlike other freelance services, Turing helps developers build their dream careers, powered by AI that helps identify jobs where they can thrive! And these are all full-time & long-term remote jobs with top U.S. companies. While this is the most crucial aspect of the difference between Turing and other jobs platforms, there are some more things which set Turing apart from them. Let’s take a look at some of the most game-changing differences.

AI-powered job search engine Once you join Turing you will never have to apply for another job again! To find the perfect remote jobs for you at elite U.S. companies, Turing uses your initial vetting test results, your career goals, as well as your perpetual on-the-job performance to build and maintain your developer profile for future jobs. Turing’s AI Matching Engine is designed to match developers with the most impactful jobs based on caliber and career objective.

On Turing, jobs come to you Turing does not expect you to search for clients, build your resume and pitch yourself on your own. Turing will do most of the heavy lifting in order to bring these opportunities to you and help you get hired. Once you clear all the tests and pass the vetting process, Turing’s AI Matching Engine will proactively search for remote U.S. jobs that align with your career goals and skill set.

Turing also has a dedicated platform to help you easily build a resume that communicates your skills, experience, and education in the best possible manner. This will help you build a profile that has a higher success rate of being chosen when presented to leading U.S. companies’ hiring managers and recruiters.

by Turing Support

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Does Turing offer freelance gigs or part-time jobs?

Turing.com currently offers roles for experienced developers at leading U.S. tech companies including Fortune 500 companies, tech unicorns, and fast-scaling start-ups. Here are some of the roles, tech stacks and career trajectories for which developers can find jobs on Turing.com.

Turing hires remote developers for 15+ job types, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, database, mobile, DevOps, and AI/ML developers from across the globe, based on tech roles, skills, and seniority. (Should we keep the above hyperlinks?)

As far as skills are concerned, Turing hires remote developers for 100+ tech skills such as:

React/Node Python Django Rails Aws DevOps IOS/Swift Android React Native Typescript Turing also offers jobs that suit your career trajectories such as:

Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Architect Software Tech Lead Software Engineering Tech Lead Manager Software Engineering Director Software Engineering Vice President If you are a software engineer with 3+ years of experience and interested in remote US software jobs, pass the Turing Tests today.

Does Turing offer freelance gigs or part-time jobs? Turing is primarily focused on providing developers with full-time, long-term jobs. The goal is to help developers build successful careers with stable, fulfilling, and flexible jobs, regardless of where they are in the world, with some of the most successful and innovative U.S. companies. This ultimately helps the world's best developers to work effortlessly on what they love and steadily grow their careers without compromising on freedom.

What is Turing's vetting process?

by Turing Support

Before joining Turing.com, developers have to go through the Turing vetting process. Turing uses a combination of automated tests and an AI Matching Engine to match qualified engineers with remote jobs at leading U.S. companies. This unique skill based vetting process has been scientifically crafted to improve upon Silicon Valley vetting standards and find the top 1% software engineers in the world.

Turing’s AI Matching Engine evaluates the results of the MCQ tests and coding challenges to analyze developers’ skills, expertise and work experience. After that, it identifies the best jobs for each candidate based on their talent, availability, and location.

Turing’s vetting process consists of four steps:

Upload resume and setup profile Work experience survey (MCQ test) Coding challenge (Real-time coding test) Tech stack tests (MCQ test) Once you complete these tests, the AI Matching Engine will help you finalize your profile, and then it will start presenting your profile to leading U.S. companies for the most suitable remote developer jobs.

Will Turing allow me to retake a test if I fail? Yes, Turing allows remote developers to retake the test if they fail to clear it. Developers can retake a test 3 months after their unsuccessful attempt. In this 3 month period, developers can practice the relevant skills and sharpen up their technical knowledge. While retaking the test, developers are only required to repeat the last step where they failed.

Please reach out to support@turing.com if the test doesn't reset automatically.

by Turing Support

Turing finds and hires some of the most talented developers from all corners of the planet. Over 1.5 million developers across 100+ skills from over 150 countries have already signed up with Turing.

To join Turing, developers have to pass a rigorous vetting process that is designed to find the top 1% of the world's best remote engineers. Turing primarily hires developers based on their talent and merit, but there are some legal conditionalities too that individual developers must fulfill to be a part of Turing's global network of developers.

Meet Turing's global community

by Turing Support

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How do developers benefit from this community?

Turing aims to change the lives of elite developers across the world in multiple ways. But more than that, Turing is fostering an entire community of the world's most talented developers!

How do developers benefit from this community? Turing helps developers take on more challenging, meaningful and valuable work with top U.S. companies with teams and collaborators from the talent pool of the world's top 1% developers. With teams consisting of the world's most elite engineering talent, all of whom either match or outperform Silicon Valley standards, Turing is able to help everyone work together, solve problems together, and grow together.

And all of that happens with a lot of flexibility, freedom, and no VISA! Don't believe it? Let's hear what some Turing developers have to say!

To know more about the opportunities Turing has for developers in over 100 technologies and skills, visit turing.com/jobs!

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