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Turing offers Silicon Valley-caliber UI designers to top U.S companies and fast-growing startups. Build your UI design team with Turing for creating beautiful and engaging designs for your website or an application and make your product stand out for the audience.

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UI design services offered by Turing designers


Optimization for desktop, mobile and touchscreen

Smartphone usage will continue to grow in the coming years and it’s important to create user interfaces that will exceed the expectations of users. A high caliber UI designer specializes in designing across multiple platforms, i.e. web, mobile, and tablets.


Product design and feel

UI designers have the most difficult and high-impact task of the whole product development lifecycle. Through the intricate positioning and details, such as color palette, layout, grid, typography, icons, and imagery in the user interface, they will reflect the brand and identity in all the aspects of product design.


Design guidelines

UI designers also set up guidelines that will ensure design consistency across a product’s interface. It is essential to have consistent guidelines because as the product matures and the teams grow, so do the designing teams grow with varied mindsets, so having a set path becomes important.


Technical design

Our team of UI designers will make the technical design of the website or an application that will help you understand our approach. In technical design, we will lay out the plan, technologies, and third-party integrations.


Cross-Platform compatibility

As there is high interoperability between various devices, we design and deliver cross-platform designs that can remain consistent on a range of devices.


High accuracy prototypes

Creating a prototype will give you an idea of how the application or a website will behave for real users. We will provide you with fully functional interactive prototypes, so you can make essential changes before finishing the product.