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How Do Engineering Leaders from Facebook, Google, Uber & Stanford Hire and Manage Remote Teams?

By February 2, 2021 3 min read

Join Us to Learn from Elite Engineering Leaders and Remote Work Experts at Turing’s Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere Conference, on February 18th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT

If you’ve ever wondered how engineering leaders at some of the world’s biggest companies hire and manage distributed software development teams, you’re in luck…

Today’s engineering leaders have the opportunity to hire talent from anywhere in the world. Boundaryless teams mean you can hire not based upon geography, but talent and specific needs. Remote, distributed engineering teams, also provide new levels of diversity, the kind that research shows increase productivity and creative thinking

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This new way of working comes with challenges. How do you source, vet, and onboard remote developers? Once onboarded, how do you manage such developers to maximize performance, integration, and communication?

On February 18th, beginning at 11 AM PST, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from senior executives that have scaled companies leveraging the power of distributed engineers from all over the world. 

Highlights of Turing’s Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere event include:

  • An intimate conversation with senior leaders including Suneela Joshi, Sr. Director of Engineering, Abbott Laboratories, and Pravin Desale, SVP of SDS and Appliances, Veritas, as they share their hard-won knowledge in our “Lessons from the Field” panel
  • Sneak peeks at the tools and technologies the fastest-growing companies rely on to help them build elastic engineering teams, virtually at the push of a button
  • A one-on-one fireside chat between GitLabs Head of Remote, Darren Murph, and Turing CEO and Co-Founder, Jonathan Siddharth

Who should attend? 
Whether you need to hire a single engineer or multiple product development teams, Turing’s Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere event will help you understand how remote-first companies overcome the challenges of having a fully distributed structure. It will also show how they leverage global talent to save time, speed product development, and avoid the many bottlenecks that happen when your recruiting efforts are limited to talent pools within 20 minutes of a home office.

If you’re an engineering manager, a senior executive with hiring responsibility, or a founder that needs to build a team in a hurry, Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to finding, and managing the talent that will help you meet your objectives faster, more efficiently, and within budget.

So if you are looking for the latest strategies, tactics, and tools for creating and managing high-productivity remote software development teams, register today to hear from: 

Darren MurphDarren Murph
Head of Remote, GitLab

Chris Hear FirstbaseChris Herd 
CEO, Firstbase

Suneela Joshi Abbott LaboratoriesSuneela Joshi
Sr. Director of Engineering,
Abbott Laboratories

Pravin Desale VeritasPravin Desale
SVP of SDS and Appliances,

Anna Chukaeva Carta HealthcareAnna Chukaeva
Carta Healthcare

Job van der Vort Remote.comJob van der Voort  

Alex Bouaziz DeelAlex Bouaziz
CEO, Deel

Henrik Hussfelt ProxyHenrik Hussfelt
Director of Engineering, Proxy

Andy O’Dower Carlease.comAndy O’Dower
Veteran Product Engineering Leader, Former Head of  Product,


For more information, including the agenda, please visit the Turing Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere Event Page. Do remember to check back regularly as we add additional speakers to the schedule.

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How Do Engineering Leaders from Facebook, Google, Uber & Stanford Hire and Manage Remote Teams?
Article Name
How Do Engineering Leaders from Facebook, Google, Uber & Stanford Hire and Manage Remote Teams?
At Turing’s Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere Conference, engineering leaders are all set to discuss how to source, vet, onboard, and manage talented remote teams.

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