GitLab🤝Google: Open Source Cloud Seed Tool for GCP Resources

Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta
20 Feb 2024•2 mins read
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GitLab has launched a cloud seed tool for the DevOps teams for easier consumption of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources. Do note that GitLab launched this Cloud Seed Tool in collaboration with Google on 11th October 2022. The key benefits of this cloud seed tool are:

  • Developers will not have to write code to use the GCP resources using a set of lower-level application programming interfaces.
  • The seed tool will help improve productivity and reduce the chances of misconfigured services. This will eliminate the risk of cybersecurity.
  • The cloud seed tool is available to paid and free users of the GitLab One DevOps platform. 

Why is the cloud seed tool necessary for security purposes?

Developers can misconfigure the code to access the services of the Google Cloud Platform. These misconfigurations are usually never detected unless there’s a cybersecurity breach, by when it’s too late. 

To achieve the goal of securing the application development platforms without hampering the rate at which the software is being developed and deployed is challenging, says Nima Badiey, global vice president of alliances for GitLab.  Achieving this goal will need proper policies, training, and systems. Such a cloud seed tool can ensure that developers don’t have to write codes. Thus, the cloud seed tool can eliminate the chances of misconfiguration of the services. 

The major challenge in ensuring the security of applications is that many developers are not well-versed in cybersecurity. To overcome this challenge, more and more systems need to be added to DevOps tools and platforms to ensure the risk of cybersecurity mistakes is minimized. 

How is Gitlab’s Cloud Seed tool beneficial for developers?

The cloud seed tool will make it easier for developers to access the GCP resources. Moreover, it will have the following benefits:

  • Developers can easily generate Google Cloud Service accounts
  • Easier deployment of applications to Cloud Run
  • Access to Google’s fully managed platform for containerized applications
  • Can access SQL databases directly from the GitLab web interface

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GitLab’s Cloud Seed tool supports the following SQL databases:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • And other major SQL databases

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What Google plans to achieve with GitLab’s Cloud Seed tool?

Google, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, is one of the leading cloud platforms. Google wants to gain paces ahead of its competitors with this cloud seed tool. The cloud seed tool will make it easier for developers to access cloud resources. 

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Ritvik Gupta

Ritvik Gupta

Ritvik is a copywriter and content writer who has worked with fast-scaling startups such as GoMechanic and Pitstop. He runs his own automotive blog as well.

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