Developer Testimonials Review Nigeria’s Joy
Developer Testimonials Review by Nigeria’s Joy: Flexibility in Work Allows Me to Enjoy Life More

Flexibility in work at Turing allows me to enjoy life more, says Nigeria’s Joy in her review.

In our Life at Turing series, we spoke to Nigeria’s Joy to get her review of and understand how remote work is allowing her to enjoy life more.

The often glorified culture of overworking has brought hardships and disrupted work-life balance for countless around the world. No wonder everybody loves to have a job that gives them the opportunity to work happily and the freedom to live their lives., as a deep jobs platform, is committed to enriching the lives of its people while allowing them to work on long-term projects with top software companies. To get a clearer understanding of how people at Turing love their jobs, we reach out to Turing employees from around the globe to listen to their stories and experiences.

In this blog post, we spoke to Nigeria’s Joy, who has been working with Turing since December 2020, about how she thinks about Turing as an organization and what she likes/dislikes about us.

Joy’s review:

Speaking about the change that she has noticed in her life after joining Turing, Joy said, “With Turing, I’m able to maintain sufficient work-life balance, engage with hobbies and a lot of personal tasks with ease.”

On being asked what motivated her to select Turing as her place of work, Joy mentioned that she was seeking new and better opportunities that would help to grow as a professional working with an international organization. And when she came to know about the boundaryless concept, she happily accepted the offer.

Joy also touched upon the compensation part as she gave her review about the salary structure. She happily mentioned that Turing offers excellent compensation and ‘definitely better than local salaries’ in her vicinity.

But a workplace is not just about money. When asked whether she feels valued as a professional at Turing, Joy replied saying her journey with Turing has so far been splendid with no signs of negativity at all. 

On the subject of equal opportunity to women, Joy said, “At Turing, the opportunities are endless for both genders.” I’ll always recommend Turing to my friends, she said.

Finally, summing up her journey so far at Turing, she gave us a 10 out of 10.

Join the #boundaryless revolution with Turing

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By Oct 1, 2021
Developer Testimonials

How to be a successful remote software engineer

This blog post covers how a developer can be recognized, find a remote job, and be successful working remotely. However, it’s important to understand what is in it for organizations hiring remote developers.

*Full Disclaimer: All the views expressed in the blog are solely my personal views and biased based on my personal experience. The best-practices, technologies, or benefits listed are no silver bullets. The article is focused on engineers in the web development space. 

Remote working is not a new concept but working remotely is gaining popularity during these times. Many organizations are forced to rethink how they work. Covid-19, has impacted every person in the world, but with the challenges the pandemic has created comes opportunity.

There has never been a better time to work remotely, especially for engineers. Many organizations have now turned remote-friendly, some have also started hiring developers from regions unheard of – the reason? Untapped potential!!

This blog post covers how a developer can be recognized, find a remote job, and be successful working remotely. However, it’s important to understand what is in it for organizations hiring remote developers.

Why organizations should hire remote developers

It would be unfair to say that organizations do NOT want to hire remote developers as they are bound by government laws which prevent them from going beyond their country to hire a person on their payroll. It’s only possible for large corporations.

Let’s first understand the benefits of hiring remote engineers. As an organization you can:

  • Hire engineers who have untapped potential – these engineers have high productivity and are eager to learn.
  • Hire engineers from countries with lower GDP – allows you to pay people less than you would if you hire local talent.
  • Add diversity to your company culture – allows sharing different ideas and perspectives that you did not have before.
  • Become a 24×7 company – by hiring engineers in varied timezones you can move faster and support customers globally.

Now that you understand why a company wants to hire you, let’s discuss why a developer would want to work remotely.

Why engineers should consider remote jobs

There are many benefits (and few drawbacks) of working as a remote engineer. 

  • Choose your hours – Since you work in a different timezone, you can choose the hours you want to work, though it’s important to have some overlap. (more on that later)
  • Work with people with diverse backgrounds – there is a different thing about people who are well-traveled, right? Why is that?
  • Get paid more than your peers – you can only earn what your industry pays you, what if you changed the local industry? 😉
  • Choose where you work– Home, Coworking office, Coffee Shop? It’s recommended though you have a consistent setup (again, later!)
  • Better work-life balance – Save time traveling, get more time off (remote organizations are usually flexible), be with your loved ones often.
  • Choose your own technologies – though it helps get better jobs depending on the tech you work with, organizations are looking for the skills you’ve developed to help them identify what you’d work on.
  • Immense growth – working with people globally brings a lot of different perspectives allowing you to 10x your growth.

Why would organizations consider you

We have established that organizations want remote engineers, now let’s look at why an organization would consider you? What do you need that makes an organization believe you are remote-friendly?

Open Source Contributions
Organizations want to look at the work you have done. 

  • It increases the credibility of your work
  • It shows that you love writing code
  • It gives them a glimpse into the code you write

Remote-friendly technologies
If you are looking to join a startup, most likely they use technologies that are popular right now. Having experience in current tech is a great way to get noticed. Some of these technologies are (but not limited to):

  • Javascript (Node and React)
  • GraphQL
  • Python (Django)
  • Kubernetes and other cloud devops experience is a huge plus

It usually helps to be able to work on both backend and frontend (Full-Stack), since it’s crucial to be self-driven in a remote environment.

Solid previous experience and profile
Organizations love when they find a person who is a great problem solver. Working on multiple projects and industries, at different roles, are usually indications that you will do well in their company. Companies will also check your Linkedin profile to understand you better. Having an updated profile and strong recommendations from previous employment can go a long way towards helping you find the right remote job.

I saved the most important one for the last. Companies hire for attitude rather than skill. Skill can be learned, but attitude takes a long time to correct. Having the right attitude is the only way to get good remote jobs. 

So what do I mean by having the right attitude? 

Display a willingness to learn more about their company, show a genuine interest in the company’s industry and what it cares about. Read the company’s vision, its core values, culture, and apply only if these attributes excite you. It’s essential that you’re a quick learner so that you can developed the required skills to perform at the company.

How to find remote jobs

So, if you have what it takes to be a good remote engineer, the question is, how do you find a remote job that you love?

Apply to a company’s remote jobs (via portals or company website)

If you do a quick search on Google, you will see many platforms like WeWorkRemotely,, and others.

You can start by looking at the skill you want to target and applying on the posts (make sure you research the company before applying). You need to have a great cover letter. Cover letters are a great way to express why you are the best person for the job they posted. A strong cover letter makes you stand out as companies receive 100s of applications.

Which application do you think they are most likely to open first? The one with the cover letter! You can also search for companies which are remote-friendly and apply directly via their websites.


Freelancing is also another way to get jobs. Freelance positions offer more flexibility and let you have a better work-life balance. Freelance work also gives you the chance to choose your hourly rate, but you may sacrifice job security, and you might also waste time hunting for your next gig.

Platforms like Turing, guru, Upwork, and freelancers are good places to find remote gigs.

Personal Connections

Twitter is a great place to build relationships with other fellow developers. These connections will help you find your next job. 60% of organizations hire people that are referred by the people already working in their companies. This means the more people you know in the industry, the better chance you will have to get a good job. 

Turing is a unique platform that bridges the gap between a freelance platform and a job portal. It is truly focused on the developer’s well-being, growth, and tools to be successful in working remotely.

Turing is different because:

  1. You do not have to hunt for jobs – Turing will understand your goals and find you a job that you want. 
  2. You get long term work – You will work with a real company as their team member. You get the benefits of the company you are working for under turing. 
  3. You still get the flexibility as you choose your own hours and your rate.
  4. Turing pays you on time – you do not have to follow up with your clients to get paid or depend on a rating system to get jobs. 
  5. Turing handles issues that may arise between you and the client. 

Turing gives developers peace of mind by allowing them to focus on their skills and their job instead of spending time doing administrative work that reduces their productivity.

Working Remotely

Getting a job is only the first step. There is a lot more that you need to do to be successful at your job. 

Being an effective communicator is the key to being successful at a remote job. Working remotely means you need to make extra efforts to communicate with your manager.

  • Have regular check-ins with your manager (weekly as well as monthly)
  • Have at least 3 hours of time overlap between yours and your team’s work hours. 
  • Make sure you and your manager(and your team) are always on the same page, and that expectations are clearly understood. actually does a great job improving your communication with your manager. 

You need to be self-driven. The more you have to depend upon another person on the team, the more difficult it will get to be productive in your job. It certainly helps if you are a full-stack engineer, as this allows you to do both the frontend and the backend by yourself – if it is not possible then you must try to separate (but not isolate) your responsibilities.
The more time overlap you have with your team, the more flexible you can be with respect to separating your work responsibilities.

Having a decent office and workstation setup is very important. You cannot be productive at your work if you have “pebbles” on the race track you are trying to win.

  • Make sure you have a good (and consistent) place to work
  • Your environment should be distraction-free
  • Good camera and microphones to have calls with your team. 
  • A fast computer that can handle your daily workload

Remote teams are happy and do more if they trust each other.

Here is a great article.

With this, I wish you luck finding a great remote company to work at. It can be hard, but rewarding. I trust that can help you find the next job that you love. 🙂

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By Oct 27, 2020
Puzzle missing a piece
Developer Testimonials

Why I Gave up Freelancing after Discovering Turing

If you’re sick of freelancing and want to take your career to the next level, check out Turing for remote software jobs. I did, and I’ll never freelance again

I had been freelancing for a few years, and let me tell you: being a freelancer is tough. It’s hard to get a gig, deadlines are tight, and getting paid is a continual challenge.

After exploring almost all the freelancing websites out there (Guru, UpWork,, I found I had huge competition, was only able to secure low hourly rates, and ended up working with demanding customers that knew little or nothing about how a mobile app or a web app is done. This meant lots of headaches and compensation that didn’t account for the fact I frequently ended up being both the designer and the developer, for the price of one!

This used to drive me nuts!

When I realized that those places wouldn’t give me what I wanted – and deserved – I went ahead and started to look for some clients on my own. I built a fancy website, enhanced my LinkedIn profile, and started a blog, in the hopes that (fingers crossed!) I could find the jobs I needed.

What I didn’t know is that this was just half of it. I still needed to get paid for the jobs I delivered, and most people wouldn’t pay me until they thought their product was done, but their product was NEVER done because they wouldn’t stop adding new features, often while refusing to pay for the additional work.

In other words, I was working really hard but still struggling to make good money.

That was before I discovered Turing. I’ll be honest; it takes some time to pass their tests. And if you’re not a skilled developer, you’re going to find out that their qualification exams are no joke. But if you’re experienced and talented, you’ll find that the time you invest in getting qualified for Turing’s platform is well worth the time you spend upfront.

I’ve been working for Turing over the last year now, and I’ll never go back to the struggle of freelancing again.

At Turing, I got “matched” to an American tech company and started to work only two weeks after the interview process. I’m integrated with a team of really good (and professional) people who treat me fairly and are always happy to help and share their knowledge. The money is sent directly to my bank account and always on time! I know it almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. If you’re looking for a remote software job and good at front-end, back-end, full-stack, React, Node, Angular, Swift, Python, or any of the nearly 100 skills supported on Turing’s platform, you owe it to yourself to do what I did. Take their tests, get an interview, then start getting paid what you’re worth.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit and see it for yourself! Working at Turing is a life-changing experience, and I’m looking forward to meeting you here. 🙂

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By Sep 28, 2020
Developer testimonial on how to relax with nature while working remotely. Laptop screen spells Work hard. Travel harder.
Developer Testimonials

Developer Testimonials

At Turing, we value great engineers, just as much as we do companies we work with, as stated in our Developer Testimonials. We understand that delivering a great service starts with how we treat those who work with us, which is why we take care to make sure that our engineers are happy. We offer… View Article

At Turing, we value great engineers, just as much as we do companies we work with, as stated in our Developer Testimonials. We understand that delivering a great service starts with how we treat those who work with us, which is why we take care to make sure that our engineers are happy. We offer our global remote engineers the opportunity to work for companies in the Silicon Valley and beyond from the comfort of their homes (wherever home may be), assigning them to projects which will afford them the best career opportunities. It is frequently reiterated that we choose to provide quality over quantity when it comes to our services. This means that we only work with the best engineers, but it also means that we make sure that our engineers are only matched with quality projects.

The following are testimonials from developers that have been placed through Turing:


“Turing has a consistent flow of great opportunities. I have had the chance to work on several detailed projects over a number of months, which has significantly increased my expertise in my field. Additionally, I get paid on time, every time, which means no more worrying about if (and how much) I am going to get paid. Working with Turing has been a great experience.”


“Turing gave me the opportunity to work from home on a wide variety of exciting projects that I would have never been a part of, had it not been for them. Since I started working with Turing I have learned new skills and grown as a developer. This has increased both the amount, as well as the type, of opportunities available to me. I have been impressed by the structure and professionalism of this company and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them.”


“There just aren’t many jobs that allow me the freedom to live where I want and how I want, while also working on my terms – but Turing has given me just that.

I develop world class projects from my home – the dream! Initially I was not sure about working U.S. hours (which is probably not for everyone), but it worked out well for me. I actually prefer working U.S. hours from home, to commuting hundreds of miles to the closest company that would allow me to work on this calibre of project. Turing allows me to have a career that I love, as well as the work-life balance that I need.”


“The Turing tests were difficult and I had to complete a number of practice projects before I got to work with my first clients. However, I got paid for taking these tests and am proud to be a Turing engineer. Turing has changed my life by enabling me to make a great living from behind my computer. If you’re a software engineer, looking to work remotely, I highly recommend that you check out Turing.”


“I have always dreamed of making cool, new projects while working with Silicon Valley startups. Turing makes this dream a reality and I would highly recommend utilizing their services to any and all developers out there.”


Interested in applying to be a remote engineer for Turing? Visit our website to start the process today.

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By Jan 31, 2019